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Hark Platform for Energy Management


Hark Platform for Energy Management

Hark is a technology company building an interconnected cloud-based sensor platform that allows users to monitor and gain insight into their environmental data in real-time. Along with our hardware we allow any industry standard sensor to connect to our platform with an almost plug and play nature for rapid deployments Long term we aim to help our customers gain real and effective insight into their data to help them solve problems with the latest machine learning and data analysis technologies for Smart Buildings, Smart Cities and Smarter Manufacturing.

Within Retail and Manufacturing the Hark Platform's Energy Management Module is being utilized to monitor and analyse energy usage in real-time for over 150,000 sensors across both large and small estates across the UK and North America.

Supermarkets, Factories and Manufacturers are using the Hark Platform to reduce waste energy, automatically detect problems before they become catastrophic and increase yield of product.

Historically energy information is available hours or even days after the fact, with the Hark Platform you can capture this information in real-time taking into consideration the likes of Power Quality, Efficiency and real-time power draw. This information can be used to understand the health of an individual asset to the overall health of an estate of more than 1000 locations instantly.

Utilizing this information has allowed users to integrate with control systems such as HVAC and BMS systems to reduce energy spend due to faults and incorrect usage of systems, this has lead to savings financial, reduction in carbon footprint and in many cases reduction in downtime of critical systems that, if fail, could cause significant financial losses.

The Hark Platform allows users to connect Building Management Systems, Energy Metering Systems and Process Automation Controllers seamlessly together in one platform where data is automatically analysed.
The Platform has the capability to connect and integrate with Building Management Systems, Energy Metering Systems and Process Automation controllers through the use of industry standard protocols: BacNET, Modbus, OPC-UA and Ethernet/IP. The system is plug-and-play by nature with deployments and integrations taking minutes to hours rather than days to weeks.

The Hark Platform runs across Microsoft Azure which allows Hark to offer best-in-class security, data storage and geo-redundant systems to ensure sensor data is securely analysed and integrity is ensured.

Features: Plug-and-Play with Industry Standard Protocols, Real-time Monitoring and Alerting, Automatic Analysis for Anomaly Detection, Utilization of Latest Encryption and Security Technology, Customizable Dashboards for Assets and Locations, Exports and Reporting, API for Third Party Integrations