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IRONSCALES, the world's first automated phishing prevention, detection & response platform.

The IRONSCALES platform combines human centric detection, mailbox intelligence, user-led anonymous intelligence sharing and rapid response inside of an automated, adaptive and repeatable workflow.
This helps organizations limit risk from specific phishing attacks in real-time, including those with:

• Malicious Attachments (malware and ransomware)
• URL's in email body or attachment (malware, credential theft or ransomware)
• Business Email Compromise (BEC) (Spoofing & Impersonation)


The platform consists of 6 modules that work in tandem to assess malicious messages in the mailbox.

1. Micro-learning phishing attack simulation and awareness training to qualify human phishing sensors (IronSchool)
2. Malware and URL/Link Protection (IronShield)
3. Advanced Protection Against Business Email Compromise (BEC) (IronSights)
4. Automated Email Phishing Forensics, Orchestration & Response (IronTraps)
5. Automated & Collaborative Phishing Campaign Detection (Federation)
6. AI-Driven Virtual Security Analyst (Themis)

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