Delfoi Planner

by Delfoi Oy

A user-friendly and visual production planning and control solution to optimize your production.

Delfoi Planner is a cloud based visual production planning and scheduling solution to optimize your production. It replaces spreadsheet applications that are still frequently used in production scheduling.

Delfoi Planner includes Advanced Planning and Finite Scheduling (APS) and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Demand-Supply Capacity Planning (SOP) capabilities. The solution improves planning transparency and delivery reliability, shortens production lead times and minimizes work in progress.

Delfoi Planner is considered a most user friendly and easy to use solution in the market. The system is very intuitive to use, and the set-up and configuration is very fast and easy for advanced admin users.

Key Benefits

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved transparency and planning efficiency
  • Easy to use
  • Integrated planning (APS), Scheduling (SOP) and Shop Floor control (MES) in one solution

Proven benefits for your organization

  • Shortens lead times by 50%, improves dramatically your delivery accuracy with less inventory and faster delivery, and increases capacity by 25-50%.
  • Decreases planning time to 1/3, provides on-line/real-time visibility, easier change management, longer and more accurate planning horizon.
  • Has a graphical drag-and-drop user-interface that enable faster planning and shorter user learning.
  • Integrates advanced planning and finite scheduling and shop floor user interface in one solution. This enables real-time transparency for planning and execution.

Production Scheduling (APS)

Production Scheduling (APS) offers a solution for finite scheduling and optimizing production orders. Changing a schedule is fast and easy with several options for timing orders with backward and forward scheduling and with easy drag-and-drop functions in the Gantt chart. Planner can re-schedule a single operation, selected production orders or execute full optimization with AI. Concurrent planners can work simultaneously with a plan.

Demand-Supply Capacity Planning (SOP)

Demand-Supply Capacity Planning (SOP) module enables transparent production planning of forecast demand and orders together with existing capacity load. Based on forecast demand the planners can create long term planning scenarios on top of the existing order capacity.

Manufacturing Execution (MES)

Manufacturing Execution (MES) offers a simplified shop-floor user interface for confirming and reporting operations. Work instructions, quantity and deviations can be viewed and reported through the digital work orders. Mobile MES interface is supported in Android, Windows and iOS tablet and smartphones.

HR-planning and KPI-reporting

Delfoi Planner includes HR-planning (skills, shifts, availability, planning and monitoring) and KPI-reporting (lead time, WIP, delivery accuracy, planned vs actual, quantity, utilization)

Cloud-SaaS and Web based solution

Delfoi Planner as Cloud-SaaS makes implementation, training and testing cost efficient, easy and fast. The web-based solution ensures easy access, transparency of planning and lower software life cycle costs.

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