Advanced Supply Chain Management

by HSO

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Dynamics 365 F&O add-on to support Wholesale Distribution companies

Leverage HSO's Best Practice Template for Retail B2B / Wholesale Distribution to rapidly enable the digital transformation of your organization; with much shorter timescales and reduced cost than a typical full D365 implementation.

Over the past 20 years, HSO specialists have automated more than 50 trading companies, developing many industry-specific applications. In order for all customers to benefit from these additions, it was decided to bundle these best practices in HSO Advanced Supply Chain Management.

Benefits include:

  • Standardization of business processes and adoption of best practices for Retail B2B / Wholesale Distribution processes
  • Reduction in cost and delivery time of the D365 implementation
  • Opportunity to automate processes further with the Power Platform
  • Opportunity to further integrate your supply chain with your suppliers and buyers using Dynamics Integration Studio based on Azure Integration Services

The most important features at a glance:

1. Article features

Being able to find articles quickly is a must. Especially as employees' knowledge of articles is diminishing. Based on article characteristics a selection of relevant articles can be made quickly. Optionally expandable with the ability to use Azure indexing technology for searching large data files.

2. Automatic alternatives

You can quickly build profiles and immediately offer alternatives or products with better margins (upselling) when items are out of stock. If you have a large diversity in your assortment.

3. Purchasing

Whether it is minimum order size, full truck, optimal order quantities, free delivery, direct or direct deliveries. Use of EAN/article numbers of suppliers. Dynamics Wholesale Distribution offers the buyer all the tools for efficient and "customized" purchasing.

4. Paperless warehouse

The integrated Warehouse Management solution offers you the flexibility and control you need to organize your warehouse processes according to individual needs. You can optimize your warehouse layout according to priorities, storage locations and specific requirements such as turnover speed. With scanning and output management it is possible to run all your warehouse activities completely digitally

5. Value Added Logistics

Specific functionality is provided for value-added activities such as repackaging, packing or assembling. Want to set up new service concepts? No problem. You can easily schedule service and maintenance orders.

6. e-Commerce platform

Would you also like to give your customers the ability to order products through your website? Dynamics Wholesale Distribution supports the integration with various e-Commerce platforms.

7. Complaints and returns

Customer service is also an integral part of the Microsoft Dynamics platform where complaints and associated returns can be settled within D365 based on case management. Including workflows for financial settlement and quality control.

8. Transport planning

Several flows come together in transportation planning. Returns, pickup orders and customer deliveries. The system calculates the most optimal carrier per shipment and supports the mix of transport activities. This gives you insight into volume, weight and utilization per truck. There are also various out-of-the-box integrations possible with various carriers.

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