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OntargIT IDMS (Importer and Dealer Management System)

OntargIT IDMS (Importer and Dealer Management System) is an automotive solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, made for multi-brand importers or dealers of cars, vehicles and spare parts.

The solution can help multi-brand distributors and dealers of cars with sales of cars and spare parts, after-sales service, logistics and finance, including planning, configuration, procurement, customs clearance, warehousing operations, transportation, sales and pricing.

OntargIT covers the main groups of business processes:

  • logistics of import, export and internal movements

  • registration of specific parameters of cars (VIN number, etc.);

  • distribution of vehicle by car transporter trucks

  • sales management

  • damage records

  • registration of reception/transfer of vehicles for rent and for safekeeping;

  • interaction with the dealer network using a corporate web portal;

  • management of pricing and discounts;

  • cost sharing

  • settlements with debtors and creditors

  • calculation and cost analysis

  • accounting and management accounting (IFRS, GAAP)

  • accounting of tax obligations for VAT

  • analytical reporting based on OLAP

  • ability to integrate with other systems

Our customers which use OntargIT IDMS (Importer and Dealer Management System): Toyota, Winner Imports Ukraine, AUTO International, MAN Truck & Bus Ukraine etc.

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