Red Maple Advanced Credit Cards

by Red Maple Press, LLC

Red Maple Advanced Credit Cards Provides a True Omni-Channel Solution.

With support for Retail, E-Commerce and Call Center (Card Not Present) scenarios, we can help you serve your customer anytime, anywhere. We provide native integration without hidden per transaction fees, and support for 16+ different processors and gateways to give you the best selection for your business. Red Maple has provided credit card software to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and previous Microsoft Dynamics AX customers since 2003.

Red Maple's Advanced Credit Cards includes PA-DSS 3.2 Validation, which conforms to Visa's Processor Application Best Practices (PABP). All application encryption uses the .NET encryption framework which means data is secure without any additional database implementation or setup.

For companies that do not want to store credit card data locally, Red Maple provides the ability to store cardholder information with providers that support Tokenization and/or Profiles.


Adv. Credit Cards works with ePOS, mPOS and numerous processors. It supports EMV by leveraging the processor's own devices, reducing costs.

  • Omni-Channel
  • Offline Support
  • Voice Authorizations
  • EMV and PinPad Support
  • Gift Cards


Adv. Credit Cards integrates with numerous e-commerce engines, supports back end processes and makes fulfillment of orders easier.

  • Hosted Pay
  • Fulfillment of Web Authorizations
  • Re-Authorizations of Back Orders
  • Web Services
  • Integrations Services

Call Center/Card Not Present

Adv. Credit Cards supports standard Call Center or a stand-alone process that does not require Call Center.

  • Tokenization
  • Hosted Pay
  • Split Payments/Shipments
  • Back Orders
  • Automatic Re-Authorizations
  • Returns Management
  • Project Invoices
  • Service Orders
  • Free-Text Invoices
  • Customer Payments

Secure Payment Transactions

  • Application encryption keys ensure that credit card data is never stored or transmitted unencrypted
  • Hosted Pay options are available for select processors
  • PCI validated
  • Supports EMV, Chip and Pin

Handle Complex Transactions

  • Process orders with multiple cards and transactions
  • Integrate with Advanced Warehousing
  • Use Purchase Level 2 and 3 cards
  • Accept Gift Card transactions
  • Support Card Verification Data (CVD) transactions

For additional information, our full product information is available on Red Maple’s website.

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