Security and Compliance Studio

by To-Increase B.V.

Internal fraud protection and elimination for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Security and Compliance Studio (SCS)is an innovative solution that provides you the opportunity to customize your setup of security roles in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations while saving both time and money. To-Increase Security and Compliance Studio helps establish policies that enable partners and customers to optimize and maintain their licensing, security, user management and audit processes more efficiently and reliably than ever before. Using the Security and Compliance Studio, companies and their implementation partners can benefit from :

  • Security Management-Easily setup role based security by simply recording your process and matching and/or creating your security role.
  • Audit Management-Significantly reduce time on internal IT audits using relevant SCS audit data in simple-to-understand views.Track all changes from both development environment and UI.
  • Compliance Management-Avoid data misuse and fraud by protecting and tracking sensitive data for the organization. Embedded insights to bring out any SoD violations including non-compliant role definitions and role assignments in the Charts.
  • User license optimization using Scenario Analysis Framework- Scenario Analysis Framework enables the security administrators to make informed decisions while optimizing license cost.
  • Security Request Management-The “My security requests” feature allows your employees to review and learn processes, act upon them and submit feedback.
  • Security Snaphots-Option to compare Security Snapshots stored in the security setup.
  • User Management- User management features available to make is easier for a security or compliance officer to implement requests like; Copy security setup, Import users from Azure AD with multiple options, Manage access to organizations, Stand-Ins, assign stand-In, Assign users to roles, etc.
  • Actionable BI charts-Enhance transparency with predefined embedded insights. Charts provide actionable BI in workspaces with drill-down features. All workspaces come with predefined charts and graph.

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