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Genbil Software

Intelligent Duplicate Detection and automatable multi-record merge

Leverage the Azure Cloud to Detect & Tag duplicate CRM Leads/Accounts/Contacts, review results and AutoMerge them in bulk

Intelligent Duplicate Detection:

  • Powerful Azure Cloud servers detect duplicates in your CRM
  • Cross-field detection searches across multiple phone#, email or address fields for dupes
  • Our fuzzy matching techniques deal with random phone# punctuation, mis- or alt-spelled names/company names and various adrs formats
  • We customize match and merge-winner-determination logic to your needs. Almost anything is possible.

Duplicates are shown in your CRM for review:

  • Validate dupes in your CRM prior to AutoMerging
  • Match-precision metric shows you how closely matched a dupe-set is
  • Buttons to ignore a record, removing it from the dupe-set, or promote it to winner

Powerful One-click or Automatic Merging:

  • AutoMerge command-bar button to quickly merge tagged dupes in bulk
  • Schedule mass AutoMerge of dupes above a pre-determined match-precision via Portal
  • Configure preservation-fields so populated data on a loser is copied to winner during merging (when winner field is empty)
  • Configure append-fields(e.g. description) to append data from loser to winner
  • Related records are moved to winner and loser is deactivated, like the out-of-the-box merge wizard