The leading mapping and field sales / outside sales solution. Intuitive Map Visualisation.

It is built for organisations that want high performing field sales staff that maximise operational efficiency & profitability.


  • Route planning & optimisation: Minimise & optimise journey time, find nearby records and leads along the route.
  • Territory management: Manage territories like a pro with features like custom territory creation, territory optimisation, etc
  • Calendar integration: See your calendar & plan your day
  • In-depth data search: Search records based on proximity, radius search etc
  • Take customer notes: Easily record data against a record direct from the map
  • Log-in / Log-off & Check-in / Check-out (Lone Worker): Provide your lone workers with 24/7 safety monitoring from their smartphone
  • Import 3rd part data: Import OCG files, excel & other external data
  • ESRI Integration: Integrate ESRI Feature Server and Map Server layers
  • Easy 1-click actions: Trigger processes or workflows direct from within the map.
  • Query builder: Create ‘if this, then that’ queries on any data within Dynamics 365
  • Upload geotagged images: Store location-tagged images to a record
  • Map CRM data: Geocode, plot, colour code your Dynamics 365 data
  • Customer broadcast (Marketing): Use mass actions to quickly send communications to customers
  • Geofence areas of interest:
  • Draw, annotate and measure tools: Draw and place custom icons on the map to communicate
  • Custom map pins and markers: Use custom pins & markers to
  • Cluster maps and map visualisations:
  • Power BI integration: See Power BI data direct within the map
  • Supports CDS

Available on Native mobile app (iOS & Android).

Keywords: Map, Outside Sales, Field Sales, Field Marketing, Field workers, Door to Door Sales, Sales Representative

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