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Cost of Capital Navigator

Duff and Phelps

5.0 (1)

Import Duff & Phelps cost of capital data directly into Excel spreadsheets and templates.

To use the Cost of Capital Navigator Excel Add-in you must have a Cost of Capital Navigator subscription which can be purchased at

The credentials you create when purchasing your subscription will be used to access the Cost of Capital Navigator Excel Add-in.

This powerful new tool enables Cost of Capital Navigator users to import Duff & Phelps cost of capital data (size premia, equity risk premia, risk-free rates, betas, industry risk premia, and more) directly into their own Excel spreadsheets and templates. Find an image of the Add-in at the end of this question.

Features and Functionality

  • Export any Duff & Phelps cost of capital data from the add-in to your own spreadsheets by clicking into the destination cell and using the “link” icon in the add-in.
  • Any changes you make will automatically refresh any linked data in your spreadsheet.
  • All data from the add-in will be saved upon saving the workbook. If you close the add-in or close the workbook and then reopen it, rename it, copy it, etc., all data from the add-in will be saved and “live” so you can update it at any time.
  • Master Inputs tab where you can enter all subject company information up-front.
  • “Data Summary” tab which provides full documentation and supplementary data. This information can be added as an extra sheet in your workbook.
  • Ability to view where in your spreadsheet each data point is linked.
  • Link data from your spreadsheets to use as inputs in the add-in (e.g., market cap, sales, etc.).

Technical Requirements:

For Windows x86 and x64 desktops and tablets such as Surface Pro on Windows 10: 32- or 64-bit desktop or online version of Office 2016.

For Windows 7 and Mac devices: Office 365 Excel or Excel Online.

Add-in capabilities
When this add-in is used, it
  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet