Accordion by Accelerator 365

by Reply Ltd

Streamline lengthy content into easy-to-digest collapsible sections.

The Accordion web part from Accelerator 365 lets you display lengthy content into collapsible, easy-to-read, sections. These sections help break up the page and support richly formatted text, images and videos.

Visitors can collapse and expand sections to quickly browse the content, and an optional search box allows users to find information quickly.

Structure your content with the Accordion

With its intuitive design, the Accordion helps content owners quickly and efficiently manage content. Rich text editing further amplifies the content on the page without overwhelming the end user.

Support for image and video content make it a breeze to create beautiful and compelling content. The high quality finish of Accelerator products removes the need for coding knowledge like HTML and jQuery.

Content owners can use the web part wherever necessary to design a well structure, readable, and engaging SharePoint page. It can be of particular benefit in the mobile experience by reducing the scrolling required on a small screen.

Highlighted features:

  • Easy to manage - Creating content is a piece of cake with the intuitive WYSIWYG editing experience.
  • Image and video support - Toss in images and videos to spice up your Accordion content for some fab SharePoint pages!
  • Searchable - Turn on search so readers can track down the details they're after.

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Claim a free trial with full functionality for 60 days. After 60 days, the Accordion trial will expire with instructions for purchasing a licensed version.

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