Accordion by Accelerator 365

by Reply Ltd

Present your SharePoint content in expanding and collapsing sections.

The Accordion web part transforms long-form content into collapsible, easy-to-digest sections. These sections help break up lengthy paragraphs by offering a menu of organized content.

Content owners can drag and drop sections in the list to change the order of information. Visitors can collapse and expand sections that are relevant to them, and an optional search box allows users to search for the information they need even when the sections are collapsed.

Accordion offers you the following features:

  • Searchable - Enable search to quickly access content and answers within the Accordion, even when the content is not visible and the sections are collapsed. Looking across the organization? Content within the Accordion is discoverable by Microsoft Search via the SharePoint search box.
  • Easy to manage - Drag and drop sections to quickly reorder and reflect the priority of your content. Add sections and information with just a few clicks. Set one or multiple sections to automatically open when the SharePoint page loads for high visibility.
  • Impactful - Rich text formatting within sections lets content owners create bulleted or numbered lists, change font sizes and colors, adjust alignment, and more to enhance content when a section is expanded.
  • Viva Connections ready - Like all Accelerator apps, Accordion is compatible with Viva Connections. Part of Microsoft’s Viva Employee Experience platform, Viva Connections brings your intranet home page and content into Teams.
  • Responsive - The Accordion is optimally designed for any and all devices, whether your users are accessing SharePoint on desktop browsers or mobile devices. Reduce the noise on a page, put an end to nonstop scrolling, and make information more accessible.
  • Reusable - As a web part, the Accordion can fit into your page wherever it matters most. Whether you have five or 30 sections, the Accordion can manage any amount of content. Use it across multiple pages and sites no matter the page design.

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*Claim a free trial with full functionality for 60 days. After 60 days, the Accordion trial will expire with instructions for purchasing a licensed version.

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