Team Survey - Feedback Surveys to engage employees and build smarter leaders with real-time feedback

by Build Up Labs

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Seamless tool to engage employees. Build smarter leaders through a culture of real-time feedback

Do you need a seamless tool to improve and measure the level of satisfaction of your team?

Team Survey is the fastest and simplest app to engage employees and build more brilliant leaders through a culture of real-time feedback. It's how your company will accomplish the development of the growing culture of tomorrow, today. You will be able to facilitate the feedback culture and proactive learning by providing tools for your team's development growth on all levels.

What can Team Survey offer?

Our solution integrates multiple features from Microsoft Teams, such as tabs, bots, and adaptive cards. Also, you can try the FREE version of the app for 30 days.

How does it work?

With the app, an admin can make and send surveys to specific users in the tenant. First, an admin can create a template, or use one of the available ones, choose the users or groups that need to answer, and customize the questions or recurrence.

Our application also integrates with SSO, allowing users to sign in and out using their Microsoft credentials.

Within the app:
  • Capacity to make and send surveys to specific users in the tenant;

  • Check every analytical chart, and export the data to CSV.

  • Customizable templates or use one that is already available;

  • Define the permissions for users or groups which need to answer and customize the questions or recurrence;

The benefits of choosing Team Survey:
  • Free Trial - You can try out our app for free and experience for 30 days a massive improvement in your company’s performance.

  • Genuine Results - With Team Survey, you can get genuine and accurate results about your team's mood, workflow, eNPS, etc., using our anonymous response feature.

  • Easy to Setup - An easy-to-use and practical tool to implement in the daily life of your company.

  • Full Information - Team Survey also focuses on analytics insights and external analysis. Also, you correlate this app with other systems.

  • Company Performance - This tool helps you increase teams' productivity and well-being, facilitating interpersonal and cross-departmental communication using the Microsoft Teams context.

  • Native integration with Microsoft Teams

    • Bot to notify users

    • Adaptive cards to answer

    • Tabs to manage

    • Single Sign-On

  • Survey templates

  • Pre-made templates

  • Create custom templates

  • Text, scale or choose predefined questions

  • Target users or teams *

  • Create automated online surveys *

  • Anonymous answers

  • Export answers

  • Analyze answers with charts

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