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Capture 365

Cloud Trade Technologies ltd

Electronic Data Capture and Automation for Microsoft Dynamics 365

100% Data Accuracy Guarantee

Simple, effective, high adoption electronic data capture.

CloudTrade removes the barriers to electronic data capture from inbound documents including Accounts Payable Invoices, Purchase Orders and Statements. The result is a rapid deployment of a cloud-based service that reduces costs, eliminates data capture accuracy issues and provides far greater insight into your data.

We capture data from millions of documents for over 500 clients around the world. This data is used to automate downstream systems that rely on accurate data to drive our client’s core business systems. This includes electronic invoicing, purchase orders, statements and forms, all captured at header and line level.

CloudTrade build your data validation and capture rules into the solution. This not only enables data to be captured automatically but, using our patent protected solution, we guarantee 100% data accuracy from all application produced documents, including PDF’s, Microsoft Office files and XML.

Service summary

  • 100% Data accuracy guarantee
  • Header and Line level capture from application generated documents
  • Validate and enrich documents with Dynamics 365 data if required (e.g. automate GL code entry or validate PO status)
  • Automate processing based on business logic (e.g. auto-rejection for ‘no PO no pay’ policy)
  • Improve operational effectiveness through service dashboard and sender analytics
  • Online portal to manage exceptions
  • Service go live within 8-12 weeks
  • Unlike OCR CloudTrade does not require templates to be defined and is not reliant on correction of misread characters (digital data can’t be wrongly interpreted).

    Unlike EDI CloudTrade does not require technical modifications or senders to implement a technical change.

    Unlike Trade Networks CloudTrade does not require a bespoke data format or senders to sign up to a service.

    Digital as Standard

    10 years ago, most invoices were sent via paper or as a scanned image file. Today, however, the vast majority of documents you receive are produced digitally. Recent research suggests this is between 75% and 90%. By using CloudTrade you are maximizing the benefit of this digital age.

    The barriers to successfully delivering an electronic capture service have never been lower.

    Integration to Dynamics 365

    Validated documents will be presented via a standard interface to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 application, enabling your team to add value to the process whilst reducing operating costs and increasing data insight.