Ctelo Business Phone for Microsoft Teams


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Business phone calls that make the telephony experience better for both caller and employee.


As users move more of their business communication to Microsoft Teams, it makes less sense to maintain a separate phone system for handling regular calls. With Ctelo Business Phone, you no longer have to rely on your mobile operator's business phone solution. The Ctelo cloud telephony platform lets you stream calls to business apps, allowing users to handle calls from within the familiar Teams environment. Administration of Ctelo Business Phone is handled within your company’s Teams environment.

One App
Microsoft Teams becomes the app users relate to for all corporate communication. There is no need for separate apps or interfaces to handle phone calls professionally.

Better Calls

Call handling is easy for all users in Microsoft Teams, and everyone can assist callers collaboratively, taking the caller and employee experience to the next level.

Easy Admin

The Ctelo Business Phone admin interface uses native Microsoft Teams functionality to make the administration of all calling features easy for those maintaining the solution. No additional app is needed and all information is stored in the company Office 365 environment.

This includes:
o Chat: Use the information flow to see what changed, when it changed, and other important information for the admin team.
o Files: Store all voice files used in the solution, along with other useful documents.
o Calls: See who is logged on to the call queue, who is calling and which calls have been received. You can also call out with a different number,
o Auto attendant: Manage the auto attendants.
o Call queues: Manage the call queues.
o Holidays: Manage the holiday settings.
o Users: Manage users or add phone numbers.

o Help desk: Send tickets to Ctelo directly from the admin center.

Globally Available

Ctelo Business Phone is a global cloud service available in the majority of countries around the world. Telecom regulations in some countries might be strict when it comes to connecting phone numbers to a service outside their boarders but also these countries can be added to the service as long as there is a local telecom vendor that can deliver numbers over a SIP Trunk connection.


Users will need a Microsoft Teams Phone Standard License (included in A5/E5), a Ctelo Business Phone License and a telecom agreement for fixed numbers.

Fixed Onboarding Fee

Onboarding is done at a fixed fee of EUR 695 per global region (EMEA, APAC and NALA). Invoicing of the onboarding fee and any additional consulting is handled directly by the executing party.

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