CumulusPro Invoice Processing app

by CumulusPro Pte Ltd

Minimising repetitive, time-consuming tasks and eliminating paper from your invoice processing

CumulusPro Invoice Processing app is a workflow solution that speeds up your accounts payable process by minimising repetitive, time-consuming tasks, and eliminating paper from your invoice processing activities. Built on Straatos BPM Platform and offered as a cloud-based pay-as-you-go service, the solution is designed to digitally transform invoice processes to improve business productivity and audit compliance. The app allows you to receive invoices, credit notes, and supporting documents from your suppliers in hardcopy or softcopy formats. 
With this app you can:
  • Transform physical invoices to useful information with A.I. assisted document extraction technologies.
  • Send and receive invoices, credit notes, and documents electronically.
  • Accelerate invoice process by allowing suppliers to collaborate on the AP workflow.
  • Achieve straight through processing on both PO/non-PO invoices by matching standard/blanket PO with or without Goods Received Notes.
  • Adhere to approval policies by applying routing rules using PO and invoice data.
  • Prevent erroneous data entries with enrichment and data validation features to manage complex computation situation.
  • Upload invoice images and information to any content repository such as MS SharePoint, accounting system, or ERP. 
  • Gain control of your finance operation cost as this app is offered as a pay-as-you-use model. 

Straatos BPM Platform 
Straatos is a cloud-based Business Process Management (BPM) Platform that enables organisations to rapidly build and manage workflow solutions and business apps for their digital transformation needs. Hosted and built natively on Microsoft Azure cloud computing services, Straatos BPM Platform is optimised for the cloud making it is accessible from any location with an internet connection. With a global network of data centres, Straatos leverages the scalability of the Azure cloud infrastructure and can support any number of accounts and concurrent business processes. 

With Straatos you can: 
Use easy-to-understand BPMN 2.0 graphic notations to build business workflows. Design BPMN process models by dragging and dropping flow objects like input channels, events, work activities, and decision gateways into the graphical BPMN diagrams. Add required data tables, index fields, data views, and configure routing rules with minimal or no coding effort. Connect the flow objects graphically in the BPMN process model. Deploy and test the business app (or workflow app) with a click of the “Publish” button. Centrally administers business workflow environment using internet browsers. Monitor and resolve process bottlenecks with web-based process monitoring tools. Supports single and multi-tenancy. Connects to any line of business applications through API’s and webhooks.

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