by DSR S.A.

Improve business results by analysing real-time data from the manufacturing shop floor level.

Ensure the proper control of production data. Continuously monitor and correct the manufacturing process execution. Analyse information that is typically beyond the scope of the ERP systems.


Efficient tool used to gather data coming from the shop floor in real time. Specific production guides along with a user-friendly interface, barcode readers together with touch screens allow the user to save a great amount of time needed for reporting the status of the production process while still gathering very detailed information needed for business analysis and improvement decisions.

Detailed tracking of the manufacturing process

  • WHO: which employee performed the task
  • WHAT: description of the task
  • WHERE: which machines were used
  • WHEN: time of each task (start-stop method)
Real time monitoring of production flow in comparison to the plan

Registering and reporting of machine downtime

  • WHO: which employee reported the downtime
  • WHAT: downtime reason
  • WHERE: for which machine
  • WHEN: downtime start and end
Fast identification of malfunction and unplanned downtime sources

Working time by team and production registration

  • Definition of teams, shifts, departments, work and cost centres
  • Set and control work time assigned to each team
  • Analyse performance by team
Easy labour costs control on all company levels

Why customers use SFC 4FACTORY

  • Easy and direct access to information about production in real time
  • Intuitive and user friendly interface
  • Full identification and validation of collected data
  • Detailed analysis of the production process by built-in reports
  • Effective management of unexpected events – identification of process bottlenecks
  • Better efficiency and effectiveness of resource management
  • Increase in machine productivity

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