EY Virtual Agent Platform

by EY Global

24x7 support with zero wait time

Solution Overview
The EY Customer Care Virtual Agent, enabled by the Microsoft Cloud for Health, is packaged with pre-built customer care conversations. Each conversation consists of a pre-trained Microsoft Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) intent classifier, which translates user utterances to:
  • Actions the user wants to perform
  • Pre-developed dialog flow that can be tailored to meet client-specific needs
  • Integration points for common enterprise systems including, Enterprise 
Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) The Virtual Agent provides customized conversations for common use cases in Power & Utilities (P&U) and healthcare industries. There are also plans to deploy this solution in other industries including, entertainment and 

Solution benefits
  • Business benefits
      • Accelerated virtual agent implementation with pre-built P&U customer care conversations
      • Reduced call cost — from ~US$14 to less than US$1
      • Increased first-call resolution rate
  • Customer benefits
      • 24x7 availability
      • Zero wait time
      • Increased customer satisfaction with quality responses to questions

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