by Macrosive Computer Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

HR management, Employee Onboarding and Offboarding, Attendance Management, Leaves Management

Make hassle-free HR management a reality with A-Team, a minimalist HR software for small businesses integrated with Microsoft Teams. Manage your employees attendance easily. Single login access enables everyone to be more productive, while the customization options make it cater to the singularities of organizations.

Seamless Onboarding and Offboarding

A-Team makes onboarding memorable and offboarding flexible, ensuring full compliance. This HR application helps empower new hires to submit their documents and manage their profiles at all times from a single centralized platform. It also ensures exiting employees can view offboarding checklists at their convenience, all with a simple and easy to use interface within Microsoft Teams.

Streamline all Core HR Functions

A-Team covers all the essential core HR functions for small businesses. You can handle them without logging in multiple times. Now you can store employee data, make employee profiles, and manage onboarding, attendance and leaves, all within your Microsoft Teams. It's a single platform that efficiently integrates all crucial HR functions.

Hassle-free Tracking of Employee Time and Attendance

The attendance management module allows HRs to manage employee hours, including the length of their breaks. The built-in integration with Microsoft Teams removes the hassle of logging in and out separately. HRs can quickly export attendance data to payroll systems for efficient payment processing, thus eliminating repetitive administrative tasks.

Manage Leaves and Time-Off

The leave management function in A-Team alerts managers about every leave request that the staff sends, which they can approve or decline with a few clicks. Our platform facilitates a simple approval flow, making it effortless to handle leaves and accruals. Employees are notified of their leave approval status in real-time.

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