Enquiry 360: Dialogs for Dynamics 365 CRM and Power Apps

by Maya Information Systems Ltd

With CRM Dialogs deprecated, Enquiry 360 is an ideal replacement for interactive dialog features.

Facing challenges in streamlining your business operations? Seeking a revolutionary solution for enhanced communication and dialog management? Explore the cutting-edge features of Enquiry 360, designed to redefine efficiency and elevate your business interactions across various sectors.

Enquiry 360 is a seamless alternative to Dynamics 365 Dialogs, offering advanced functionality beyond Business Process Flows and Canvas Apps. With its intuitive interface and advanced features, Enquiry 360 not only fills the gap left by deprecated Dialogs but also enhances productivity and flexibility in managing complex processes.

Key Benefits:

· Enhanced Customer Experience: Deliver personalized interactions and guidance through dynamic dialogs, improving satisfaction, loyalty, and retention rates.

· Cost-Efficient Solutions: Cut training expenses and minimize errors with structured dialog interfaces, leading to significant cost savings and maximizing ROI.

· Efficient Process Automation: Automate information capture, set dynamic business logic, and define rules for automated outcomes, maximizing productivity.

· Agile Adaptability: Easily customize and deploy dialog solutions for diverse business needs, ensuring flexibility and scalability.

· Versatile Applications: Solve business challenges in customer services, contact centers, healthcare, back-office, government, and help desks.

· Streamlined Operations: Simplify processes with intuitive dialog workflows and call guides, reducing resolution times and enhancing efficiency.

Key Features:

· Simple user interface for guiding users through the enquiry logging process.

· Automated outcomes such as emails, calls and workflows based on captured information.

· Real-time electronic whiteboard messages for live updates.

· Self-serve capabilities using an inbuilt configuration tool to easily create and update processes.

· Migrate processes across environments effortlessly with just a few clicks.

· Custom security roles for front office, back office, and administrative users.

· Enhanced features like database table lookups, email response management, error notifications, dashboards and escalation procedures.

· Multi-device support with responsive interfaces for mobile phones, tablets, and desktop devices.

· No dependencies on external components such as hosting, servers and virtual machines.

· No need for a full Dynamics 365 license, works seamlessly with Power Apps plans and included features in Microsoft 365 plans.

· Quick installation and remote implementation on MS Dynamics 365 and MS Power Apps.

· Optimized for performance and extensive usage.

· Can be extended to add bespoke features such as reports, security roles, and external integrations.

What Our Clients Say:

"Enquiry 360 is a game-changer for our business, providing resilience and enabling seamless expansion into new markets. The integration of the app has resulted in a 50% reduction in response times, improved customer satisfaction, and enhanced analytics. This strategic move has been instrumental in saving us time and resources and has given us financial freedom and the ability to explore innovative avenues like digital transformation, positioning us for sustainable growth and operational excellence." S.I., Lead Architect

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