CRM for Aged Care- Home and Residential

by Mayasoft Pty Ltd

A comprehensive aged care software to enhance end-to-end client care for aged care service providers

Are you searching for a comprehensive solution to streamline operations, enhance client care, and ensure regulatory compliance for your residential and home care customers?

Our company, Mayasoft, offers MACS (Mayasoft Aged Care Solution), a transformative CRM system designed to revolutionize the way aged care organizations operate. By integrating with PRODA API, MACS efficiently manages enquiries, risk assessment, incident reporting, and more, ensuring a seamless and compliant care experience for both residential and home care clients.
Through automated processes like client onboarding, offboarding, risk management, and budgeting, MACS optimizes service delivery, enhances operational efficiency, and promotes a culture of quality care. By integrating sophisticated tools for risk identification, incident management, and financial oversight, our solution empowers providers to deliver exceptional care while navigating the complexities of the aged care landscape.
Are you ready to unlock the potential of your aged care services with a system that prioritizes efficiency, compliance, and client satisfaction?
Let MACS be your partner in achieving operational excellence and providing unparalleled care to those in need.

What pain points MACS addresses?

  • Inefficient Enquiry Management
  • Cumbersome Risk Assessment and Incident Reporting
  • Complicated Client Onboarding and Offboarding
  • Roster and Scheduling Inefficiencies
  • Financial Management and Budgeting Limitations
  • Data Management and Reporting Complexities

Who will gain from MACS the most?

  • Aged care service providers looking to streamline and automate their enquiry management processes.
  • Organizations seeking to enhance their risk assessment and incident reporting efficiency.
  • Care providers aiming to simplify client onboarding and offboarding procedures.
  • Entities wanting to optimize their rostering and scheduling operations.
  • Businesses in need of automated financial management and budgeting solutions.
  • Companies looking to simplify data management and reporting complexities in the aged care sector.

Service Partner Expertise
Industry Products
  1. Aged Care 1. Dynamics 365 Sales
  2. Not for Profit 2. Dynamics 365 Field Service
3. Office 365
How to purchase and get started with Mayasoft Aged Care Solution?

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