Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform - International

by Adobe Systems Software Ireland Limited

Adobe Real-Time CDP is a customer data platform that combines disparate data to deliver real-time ex

Adobe Real-Time CDP brings together data sources from across the organization to create unified customer profiles and deliver consistent experiences across devices and channels. Real-Time CDP provides:

a) fast and flexible data connections, with a catalog of sources and APIs to unify data;

b) actionable unified profiles with workflows, dashboards, and AI/ML capabilities for audience creation;

c) productized and patented privacy controls for consolidated data governance; and

d) data activation anywhere, with a diverse catalog of destinations and APIs to deliver consistent personalization across channels.

Real-Time CDP supports marketers looking for a single system to manage and activate audiences across multiple channels, incorporating real-time inputs for personalization at scale. Patented and productized privacy capabilities allow IT teams and data stewards to govern how customer data is used across the organization, helping brands remain compliant.

Adobe Real-Time CDP is available in B2C, B2B, and B2P (business-to-person) editions and is natively integrated with the industry-leading Adobe Experience Cloud, allowing brands across industries to satisfy all CDP use cases without introducing point solutions and therefore, complexity and latency.

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