Banking & Treasury Automation

SK Global Software, LLC

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Secure auto-bank communications in vendor/customer/credit card pmts. and cash/recon management, etc.

The Dynamics 365 for Operations Banking & Treasury Automation Suite offered by SK Global Software is the leading banking, treasury and payments solution around the world, empowering finance teams with seamless integration in key functional areas. Finance teams will enjoy increased productivity, enhanced security and improved control, while automating key banking and treasury functions, no matter how complex. The solution provides global integration with any bank, any format, anywhere.

Organizations with the following needs would benefit from SKG solutions:

- Cash & bank management

- Fully unattended bank reconciliation

- Automated bank communications

- Vendor payment automation

- Payment factory automation

- Customer payment automation

- Credit card processing in app and portal (PCI compliant)

- Customer invoice presentment portal

- Credit card reconciliation

- Integration to any bank (at no cost)

- Multi-company, multi-country banking