Construct 365 Project Cost Management by SIS

by Strategic Industry Solutions

Manage construction budget revisions, change orders, subcontracts, & Estimated Cost at Completion

PCM is built for Project based companies, and designed for Architecture, Engineering and Construction, specifically addressing the needs for companies executing Fixed Fee, percentage of completion based projects.


- Budget management of original, current and Estimated Cost at Completion (ECAC) by configurable task code structures.

- Can create summary levels above project categories for budgeting.

- Aggregates costs from project categories (hour-expense-item) into a single budget category.

- Analyze and compare task code cost and performance across all projects.

- Period sensitive budgeting-forecasting with detailed version history.

- Advanced change order tracking to include pending change orders.

- ECAC Forecasting by ledger periods and task codes.

- ECAC Revision history reporting - tracking cause of project variance.

- Integrated subcontract functionality with change orders and compliance management.

- Schedule of values billing-AIA type format.

- Construction WIP Reporting.

- Margin variance by ECAC to current budget.

- Streamlined Period Sensitive Automated Revenue Recognition.

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