Project HSE Score Tracker

by Advaiya Solutions Inc.

Optimize project HSE management for QHSE officers with real-time monitoring and performance tracking

Introducing the Project HSE Score Tracker App, a specialized tool crafted specifically for Quality Health Safety Environment (QHSE) officers within project management. This innovative application streamlines the process of logging crucial project-related HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) details every month, ensuring real-time monitoring and calculation of the project's HSE score.
Tailored to meet the unique needs of QHSE officers, this app simplifies the task of recording vital HSE information for each project every month. From incidents to safety inspections and environmental impact assessments, the HSE Tracker App comprehensively captures all relevant data pertaining to the health, safety, and environmental aspects of the project.
With the Project HSE Score Tracker App, QHSE officers gain the ability to track and monitor HSE performance indicators as they're logged, providing immediate awareness of any potential issues or areas requiring improvement. This empowers officers to proactively address concerns, ensuring enhanced project safety and environmental compliance.


  • Real-time insights for project HSE score: The app enables the officers to update the project HSE details anytime, anywhere. Allow project and portfolio managers to have instant visibility into the safety performance of the project.
  • Improved safety performance measures: The app facilitates and enables the HSE score information of the project along with other KPIs, the low-scoring projects' timely information enables the project manager and stakeholders to act on time.
  • Monthly score tracking: Monthly HSE score tracking enables continuous project safety improvement.
  • The solution is applicable for all verticals that are doing project management using Microsoft Project. The solution will enable maintenance of the HSE score of the project every month with standard parameters and keep track of the score as the project progresses.

    Primary challenges customers face.

    • Lack of real-time visibility into HSE information.
    • Ensuring subcontractors adhere to HSE standards.
    • Manual data entry and calculations.
    • Lack of documentation and evidence.
    • Limited access to historical data.
    • Solution Project HSE Score Tracker App provides.

      • Streamlined compliance tracking.
      • Improved safety performance through real-time data.
      • Tracking project HSE scores on a monthly basis.
      • Real-time insights into hazards
      • Outcomes a user will experience

        • Regular audit and inspection information is centralized and linked to projects.
        • Standard compliance across projects with HSE information tracking.
        • Centralized HSE shreds of evidence.
        • Experience seamless HSE management with the Project HSE Score Tracker App – your indispensable companion for optimizing project health, safety, and environmental performance. Improve your QHSE practices and safeguard project success. Click on 'Contact me' or reach out directly at ''. We will make sure your custom requirements are addressed appropriately.

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