HitHorizons for Dynamics 365

by FinStat s.r.o.

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Add data on 80M+ European companies to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 automatically

Here is how you can enrich your Microsoft Dynamics 365 with data on 80M+ European companies

Autofill of company details to new and existing accounts | Built-in search within the European company database | Access to detailed company profiles at | Access to an online lead generation and market research tool

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 extension integrates the whole HitHorizons database into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 and makes real-time data available. No need to deal with dozens of local APIs.
  • Don’t waste time searching for information and filling in account details. Set up new Dynamics 365 accounts and update your existing records in seconds. No need to know the national IDs of individual businesses. Start with a company name, an autocomplete search, and predictive suggestions will get you going. Once you select the company you need, our autofill feature will add company details (such as an address, industry, etc.) to the company profile. We will keep all information up to date.

  • Understand the market position of your customers, prospects, and partners. Evaluate the size of companies using HitHorizons Size Ranking without leaving Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our proprietary set of indicators shows the market position of individual businesses within a particular industry and country based on sales performance and the number of employees.

  • Access even deeper insights at with just one click within Microsoft Dynamics 365 and find new leads, partners, and markets to explore. See company statistics, identify similar companies, and explore industry and country overviews. Data is updated regularly, so there is always something new to discover.

  • Enrich your Microsoft Dynamics 365 with a prebuilt insights dashboard that compares individual accounts based on their sales performance and the number of employees.

HitHorizons Screener, part of our Microsoft Dynamics 365 extension service, is a lead generation and market research tool that allows users to filter through the database of 80M+ European businesses using various filtering and sorting options.
  • Find companies relevant to you and download datasets in CSV for further processing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 or any other software.

  • Find new customers across Europe, analyse individual industries and markets, grasp the broader competitive landscape or pick companies you would like to collaborate with.

Let us show you how to turn your Microsoft Dynamics into a lead generator. Get in touch with us at

HitHorizons aggregates data on 80M+ companies from 60 countries (including the whole of Europe). Our key services are a web-based tool HitHorizons Screener, which allows users to browse our database using various filtering criteria, HitHorizons API (Invoicing Data API and Sales & Marketing Data API), and a library of company reports from commercial registers from the whole of Europe.

HitHorizons is powered by FinStat - a Bratislava-based data analytics company. Since 2013, FinStat has served over 4,000 satisfied customers, from local businesses to business analysts to multinational enterprises.

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