Maptaskr for Power Apps Premium

by Maptaskr

View and capture mapping & gesopatial data in canvas and model-driven apps

Maptaskr is the leading mapping & geo-productivity solution for the Microsoft Business Applications platform used by government & enterprise customers globally.

With Maptaskr for Power Apps Premium you can now have the power of Maptaskr in your custom model-driven apps.

Our Address Search control performs as-you-type address lookup allowing fast & accurate entry of addresses, saving time and improving data quality.

Locations without an address can be captured easily simply by pointing and clicking on a map. Site & building plans can be displayed as map layers making it even easier to specify locations accurately.

More than 80% of CRM data contains hidden spatial insights. A picture is worth a thousand words so plotting data on a map immediately brings it to life. Geo-tagged data (anything with a lat/long) can be plotted so clusters and geographic distribution patterns can be seen at a glance. Maps are fast becoming the new “Search”.

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