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Create Marketing Lists by matching existing customers with external data such as Excel and PowerBi

The solution provides an easy to use interface built in Dynamics 365 for Sales which allows marketing users to submit Add2List Requests. These requests search for existing customers (Accounts, Contacts or Leads) by a given identifier (such as email, mobile phone or social security number) and create Marketing Lists automatically populated with all the matching customers.

The marketing user fills out the name of the Marketing List to be created, the customer type to search for (Account, Contact or Lead) and the field name to search in – the Identifier (the schema name - e.g. emailaddress1). In the Entries multiline text field the user can copy / paste a list of identifiers (such as email addresses) directly from Excel, PowerBI or any other external system – even as an output of a custom SQL query.

Upon request submission (Save button), the Add2List solution creates the specified Marketing List and executes a number of search queries (depending on the number of entries) against the CRM database to find the matching customers and add them to the list.

Note: Trial version is limited to 19 entries per request.

After installing the solution you need to restart your browser in order update the navigation menu in Marketing with Add2List Requests.

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