DMS - Sales Mobility App

by Yokogawa Votiva Solutions

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DMS - Sales Mobility App


This solution aids manufacturing business to promote and distribute their products to potential customers. Salesperson will use this application to visit potential customer to promote, consult and take order. This solution provides Product catalog with dynamics attributes system, Order creation and Sales performance monitoring. The solution can be used in a wide range of business such as F&B, Fashion, Household goods, etc.


Product catalog

· View all products or from catalog

· Search product

· Filter product by price, categories

· View product details

· Dynamics product tabs and attributes (support multiple industries: furniture, food & beverage, etc)

· Support product images

Create order

· Add product to cart

· Update product quantity and discount

· Validate customer credit limit

· Order approval

· Support sales order creation on ERP (eg: Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations)

Sales summary dashboards

· Sales summary by Cart status

· Sales summary by Salesperson

· Sales summary by Cart line status

· Sales summary by Category

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