Virto Kanban

by Virtosoftware

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Unleash the Power of Kanban - Your Ultimate Task and Project Management Tool for Microsoft Teams!

Discover how Virto Kanban can redefine your experience within Microsoft Teams:

Effortless Project Management:

Seamlessly display Kanban boards within Microsoft Teams channel tabs without context switching.

Rapid Project Launch:

Ignite your new projects in under 60 seconds with ready-to-use templates.

Custom Boards:

Tailor your Kanban boards to your team's needs. Choose from various templates or design your own.

Swimlane Magic:

Use swimlanes to group your board views by people, projects, or any field - it's Kanban, redesigned!

Kanban On-The-Go:

Stay productive with full access to your Kanban board across all devices.

Visual Progress:

Showcase your achievements with vibrant, insightful charts.

Master Access Control:

Govern user permissions across your board.

Expand your task and project management horizons when working with Microsoft Teams with Virto Kanban Board!

Get started with just two clicks, or book a 15-minute demo for a free initial setup.

Virto Kanban Board adapts to various industries:

  1. Project Management:

    Oversee any project workflow, assign tasks, set deadlines, and monitor progress.

  2. Agile Software Development:

    Visualize your process from planning to deployment.

  3. Onboarding:

    Simplify new hire onboarding with easy-to-follow steps.

  4. Recruiting:

    Streamline the recruitment process with designated columns like "Screening," "Interviewing," and "Offer."

  5. Customer Support:

    Track and resolve support requests promptly for a seamless customer experience.

  6. Content Planning:

    Manage content creation and publishing schedules effectively.

  7. Inventory Management:

    Control inventory workflows from procurement to sales. Track stock levels, set reorder thresholds, and collaborate at every step.

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Your data is secure. Virto Kanban Board employs robust security measures in compliance with industry standards. Refer to our Security FAQ for more information.

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