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The easiest way to manage employees' vacations and absences

absentify is a free, comprehensive absence management solution designed to streamline your company's management of employee absences directly in the Microsoft 365 environment. With its integration into the Microsoft ecosystem, absentify offers several advantages to users.

One of the key features of absentify is its ability to manage all types of employee absences, including sick days, personal days, and vacation time. With absentify, employees can easily request absences through Microsoft Teams or the absentify web dashboard, and managers can quickly approve or deny those requests, all without leaving Microsoft Teams.

Advantages over applications not developed for the Microsoft environment:

- Only one login possible via the Microsoft account, if an employee leaves the company, the account only has to be deactivated in one place, then there is also no more access to absentify.

- Automatic user synchronization: profile pictures, name, email address and manager are automatically synchronized from the Microsoft AD profile. Nothing needs to be manually maintained in absentify.

- Outlook synchronization: All absences are synchronized directly to the Outlook calendar, which helps in scheduling and is also shown in the Microsoft Teams status display accordingly.

- Outlook automatic absence notifications can be configured in absentify, these are then automatically set in Outlook in the event of an absence, employees no longer forget an absence note configuration.

- Everything on the web, but can also be used directly in Microsoft Teams, in the place where employees work every day. Also, all notifications come directly to Microsoft Teams.

- Teams mobile app: No need to roll out an additional app, absentify can be automatically pre-installed for all employees in Microsoft Teams.

In addition to managing absences, absentify offers several other useful features, including the ability to:

  • Absence Types: Create custom absence types that are specific to your company's needs.
  • Multiple departments: Create and manage teams and locations within your organization.
  • Approvers: Assign Approvers for each team or team member.
  • Leave Policies: Set leave policies for each department to ensure consistency across your organization.
  • Custom Quotas & Rules: Create custom leave quotas or rules for each team member.
  • Calendar View: View and filter the leave calendar for each team.
  • Holiday Schedule: Set up a holiday schedule for all your team members. You have access to public holiday calendars from over 250 countries
  • Custom Schedules : Set up a custom workweek for the entire organization, or customize workweeks for individual employees.
  • absentify is offered in English and German by our team. Currently, are French, Hungarian, Italian, Polish and Spanish translations also available from our community. You are welcome to join the community to add more languages!

With absentify, companies of all sizes, from small to large, as well as government organizations, schools, and nonprofits, can benefit from its efficient and user-friendly absence management solution.

The complicated and frequently lengthy process of managing employee absences can be converted into a few easy steps, all of which can be done directly in Microsoft Teams.

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