Avanade Atelier for Microsoft Fabric

by Avanade, Inc.

Avanade Atelier is a suite of technical modules to help you deploy and manage Microsoft Fabric

Avanade is an official launch partner for Microsoft Fabric, and the only Microsoft partner with the depth of expertise and experience to guide you on your data transformation journey (18 times Microsoft SI Partner of the Year). Avanade has been working closely with Microsoft on shaping and testing the platform and has developed a range of engagement opportunities to help you get started with Fabric.

Avanade Atelier comprises of over twenty technical accelerators that include:

Avanade Atelier Rapid industry IQ

  • 75% reduction in blueprint deployment time
  • Speed to market through reusable
  • Automated deployment pipelines in Azure DevOps

Avanade Atelier DataOps IQ

  • Metadata-based data ingestion
  • Data validation and data transformation from disparate data sources in a standardized and automated process

Avanade Atelier Data Discovery IQ

  • 40% reduction in time & effort for data discovery
  • Quickly generate discovery / actionable insights
  • Eliminate manual pre-migration analysis discovery / analysis efforts

Avanade Atelier Security and governance IQ

  • Automated monitoring through Avanade Ateliers governance and monitoring tool that empowers Fabric Admins with effortless management and oversight of the Fabric tenant and workspaces.

Avanade Atelier FinOps lifecycle IQ

  • User pattern insight reporting that reveals the types of activities each user engages in within the tenant. 
  • Consumption pattern highlights resource consumption for each user over time
  • Activity Log outlines activities performed by different users on specific workspaces. 

Avanade Atelier Fabric migration IQ

  • Automated hunter detection system to identify and catalog your existing SQL estate
  • BI migration modules that automatically assess the complexity of business intelligence tools such as Tableau, Cognos, Qlik, MicroStrategy, and more, to help prepare for Migration to Microsoft Fabric.
  • Hadoop assessor
  • Oracle assessor

Avanade Atelier is unique in the market and within Avanade’s Center of Excellence for Microsoft Fabric. Don’t miss this opportunity to become ‘fluent in fabric’ and draw the benefits of being a data literate, AI-enabled business with Microsoft Fabric and Avanade.

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