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by Beekeeper

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Beekeeper, the award-winning employee app to connect your non-desk workers.

Beekeeper, the all-in-one Frontline Success System, is transforming the way frontline businesses work. Our mobile-first platform helps companies ditch paper and manual processes to improve employee engagement, retention, and performance.

Empower employees with direct access to the people, processes, and systems they need to do their best work. Companies around the world use Beekeeper to connect their teams, unify their systems and drive their businesses forward.

Give your frontline employees one place to look for shift schedules, paystubs, onboarding, training, tasks, safety checklists, announcements, and more. With our SharePoint, Azure AD, and Teams integrations, your managers and admins can continue to use the tools built for them.

Use Beekeeper for:

  • Real-time Communication and Collaboration - use chats, streams, surveys, polls, and campaigns that close the loop with your frontline. Communication happens in real-time. And cross-team collaboration can happen anytime and from anywhere with inline translation.
  • Boosting Frontline Productivity - Replace paper and manual processes with modern ways to get work done. Digitize daily tasks, checklists, and forms to prevent mistakes and save teams time. Automate critical processes to improve your teams’ productivity.
  • File Sharing - share documents, photos and videos with your co-workers.
  • Shift Management - Mobile-first shift notifications built for frontline teams. Easily accommodate employee requests to offer shift flexibility.
  • Streamlining Employee Services - Extend existing HRIS systems so team members can access shifts, pay slips, & training – all from one app on their mobile phones. Services that used to take days can happen in minutes: from PTO requests and shift changes to onboarding or offboarding processes. Automate your workflow by integrating the tools and services you already use, including Workday, ADP, Microsoft Azure, SAP, and more.
  • Obtaining Data-Driven Insights on Your Frontline - Capture data that used to be hidden in paper forms and spreadsheets. Managers make better decisions while offering the best possible employee experience.
  • Boosting Employee Engagement and Reducing Turnover - simple employee surveys let you gather critical feedback in minutes and make impactful changes.
  • Fast-Track Frontline Digital Transformation - Save time and IT costs with easy, out-of-the-box integrations, dedicated configuration support, and automated workflows. You can even create custom integrations or workflows with Beekeeper’s open API and suite of tools for developers.
  • Enterprise-Level Security and Compliance - your data and privacy are protected with state-of-the-art encryption.

Made with love in Switzerland.

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