On-site Smart Sales Animation


Smart sales animation panel for web and mobile sites

This application is available only in French right now.

Our Smart on-site sales animation panel helps marketers to boost the turnover of their website and improve the success of the marketing campaigns.

Perfectly suited for the retail, travel, leisure and hospitality markets, it empowers marketing, user experience and e-merchandising teams to boost the visibility of their website ephemeral offers.

You put a lot of efforts and workforce time in building marketing plans for your brand. But actually, most of your website visitors miss it because they do not see it when they visit your website !

For example, on a retail e-commerce website marketing teams manage an average of 30 different campaigns per year (sales, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the month of X, etc.).
Each campaign last from 2 to 30 days and it often happens to run several campaigns at the same time.
Due to a lack of time and resources, website marketing and IT teams give very little visibility to these campaigns. Most of the websites only advertise it on their home page, and category pages.

Our unique value proposition is to allow e-marketers give to their marketing campaigns the visibility it deserves, automatically, and without requiring IT nor webdesigner time anymore !

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