BindTuning Build - SharePoint & Office365 WebParts

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Build an intranet experience that uniquely meets the needs of your company and employees.

Give your intranet a boost

Good enough is just not good enough anymore. Eliminate the need for expensive, inflexible in-a-box/custom solutions or round-the-clock IT support. Leverage existing data into a smart, personalized, and unified user experience that finally allows your diverse teams to collaborate.

  • Leverage your data and processes creating interfaces that match specific business requirements.
  • Create unlimited scenarios from cafeteria menus, carpooling lists, to training session calendars, and more.
  • Simplify use and maintenance giving users what they need: easy to use, customizable, maintenance-free tools.

Transform your intranet with Build

BindTuning Build delivers the most extensive gallery of highly customizable web parts, empowering you to connect users and content in meaningful ways. All web parts are SharePoint-native, allowing you to create pages using the native experience. Enjoy ultimate flexibility and power, connecting your intranet pages to SharePoint lists, document libraries, or external data sources, as needed.

BindTuning Build provides powerful yet simple-to-use tools, for building an intranet that supports daily work and boosts collaboration.

A subscription to fill all your needs

Build is available as an annual subscription, for an unbeatable price.

  • 19+ Web Parts - An extensive gallery of customizable web parts, including all future releases to the gallery.
  • Unlimited pages/sites - Use the web parts in as many pages and sites as needed within your intranet.
  • One, unified experience - Reduced learning curve by providing a consistent experience across your intranet. From on-prem to online, classic to modern.
  • Licensed per domain/company

Designed for communication and collaboration

With BindTuning Build you can deliver an intranet experience that truly meets the needs of employees, departments, and enterprise. An intranet that boosts productivity, enhances communication and empowers collaboration, built on BindTuning's expertise and unparallel support.

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