Business Bot

by Cambay Consulting LLC

AI-powered enterprise Bot to increase support efficiency, enhance customer experience

Cambay’s Business Bot is built on the Microsoft Bot framework and PowerApp. The bot has built-in analytics, pre-built connectors, and pre-built AI models for use cases across industries to make it easy to customize and deploy AI bots across multiple channels.


Enterprise Bot Capabilities

  • Build Smarter Help Desk: Use business bot to create and check the status of help desk tickets or incidents to reduce IT hurdles and provide consistent self-service answers. The bot also manages common queries and issues more efficiently.


  • Task Management: Today, most enterprises are including Bots in their operations. Use bot to assign tasks or look for specific tasks assigned in applications to increase productivity and reduce recurrent activities.


  • Approval Management: Handle all the approvals using automated workflows. For instance, the bot can look for planned and Adhoc leave requests from employees and get instant approval based on predefined logic.


  • Microsoft Teams Automation: Automatically set up Teams based on business events and triggers. The bot will add people automatically to those Teams, add admins, and business executives for visibility.


  • Modernize Intranet Portals: Use a bot to reside in your intranet portals or even SharePoint-based public sites. The bot allows you to SharePoint Site requests, handle document search, task approval, and other administrative tasks.


  • LoB Application Integration: The bot can be easily integrated with enterprise line of business applications or exiting legacy systems through RESP APIs. The bot works with different data sources and integrates with Microsoft AI cognitive services.  

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