Excel Export Client for SAP

by CaRD Gesellschaft für EDV-Beratung mbH

The Excel Export Client for SAP is a Tool to generate Excel files based on SAP data - easy & quick

With the Excel Export Client you are able to generate Excel files out of SAP very easy. The solution is a light weight Export Tool which is used to design the table sources and the relations in SAP. You can customize the source tables in SAP with a drag & drop customizing transaction. This is required when you want to analyse dependent data like BKPF and BSEG for FI/CO Postings or Invoices. All you need is the table name of the source data which you want to export. You can also customize the filter and selection criteria before running the export. This feature is used to oprtimize the performance before downloading. In addition you can also define the table columns which you want to export. For regular reports you can also save your settings, this makes sense especially if you have reports which have to be generated on a regular basis. This tool is a must have if you are working for Controlling, Management, Quality, Sales and Manufacturing/Production department. Compatible with all SAP releases including S/4.

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