Darktrace DETECT

by Darktrace

Darktrace DETECT

Powered by AI that Understands your Data

Where other cyber security solutions are trained to identify threats based on historical attack data and techniques, Darktrace DETECT takes a fundamentally different approach.

It uses AI technology to build a dynamic understanding of ‘normal’ for your organization. In doing so, it forms a bespoke and evolving understanding of every user, device, and all the complex relationships between them in your network.

Through learning the everyday dynamics of your organization, Darktrace/Network can identify the subtle deviations from normal activity that indicate emerging threats – both known and unknown.

A Full Licecycle Approach to Cyber Defense

Darktrace DETECT combines with Darktrace's attack surface management and attack path modeling capabilities to allow defenders to prioritize on risk, while the AI hardens defenses around critical assets and attack paths. It also pairs up with Darktrace's dynamic AI-generated playbooks to help defenders recovery quickly from an attack.

Comprehensive Coverage

Darktrace brings its AI to your data, wherever it resides, and protects hybrid and multi-cloud environments, on-premise IT infrastructure, email accounts and SaaS applications, as well as endpoints, and operational technology. Combining coverage areas gives enhanced insight and improves threat detection.

Reducing Time to Understanding

Darktrace's Cyber AI Analyst connects individual threats to investigate attacks at speed and scale. It uses Explainable AI built with natural language processing to produce understandable incident reports on critical events and the context around them.

AI Analyst reduces triage time by an average of 92% and helps prioritize threats. This allows your security team to save valuable time and direct their expertise to the high-value work that humans do best.

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