Surgical Capacity Optimization


Surgical Capacity Optimization is a SaaS decision support tool for perioperative block scheduling.

Surgical Capacity Optimization is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based block scheduling decision support solution that mathematically models surgical resource variables and block and patient scheduling options to maximize a hospitals surgical throughput over a defined time period resulting in more revenue per month, per operating room.

Unlike the surgical scheduling tools available today such which are either workflow-only focused, or otherwise focused on merely reallocating unused block time, our solution leverages quantum-inspired computing which enables the surgical scheduling process to be treated as an advanced combinatorial optimization problem where all relevant variables of interest can be evaluated together near instantaneously resulting in most optimized block and patient schedules while also giving surgical planners unprecedented decision support intelligence for evaluating alternate scheduling options and what-if analysis.

From a benefits perspective, the SCO solution, powered by Digital Annealer's optimization engine, will help hospital surgical planning and scheduling stakeholders plan optimal utilization of surgical resources (Operating rooms, equipment, and surgeons). The result is:

(1) increased revenue from more surgeries,

(2) increased profitability from better use of resources and increased surgical productivity,

(3) improved patient health (more timely access to required surgical procedures).

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