HMSWeb: Quality, Completions & Commissioning

by HMSWeb

Software Platform for the Quality, Completions & Commissioning for industrial projects

Construction projects often face chaos, especially in the phases of mechanical completion, commissioning, startup and handover. Phases marked by rework and waste of time and money, from small plants with only a few hundred objects and activities, to the largest ones, with hundreds of thousands.

HMSWeb© (Handover Management System) is a software platform developed in 100% web and mobile technology that organizes this scenario of chaos and ensures a smooth handover of the unit from the builder to the operator.

Facts and main features:

  • Planning, control and traceability of all activities involved in the processes of quality, mechanical completion and commissioning;
  • 300+ large and complex capital projects executed in Brazil, Argentina, Singapore, Mozambique, Angola and Canada, among other countries;
  • Versions for iOS and Android;
  • Physical progress and S-Curves with visions from all angles of the information;
  • Integration with other specialized softwares (AVEVA, SAP PM, etc);
  • Light, simple and proven effective;
  • Total security of all operations performed per user;
  • Multi-languages (Portuguese, English and Spanish);


  • Engineering expertise built into the platform, library with 300+ different types of testing check-sheets / protocols;
  • Guarantee of consistency, integrity and updating of information in "real time", available to all team members involved in the Project; From the field to the office;
  • Maximization of the management / planning capability, with consequent reduction of the rework, delays and the over cost of the Project;
    • Applicable from large and complex Projects, to small operational improvement Projects in existing units;
    • Proven productivity gains in the most varied industrial markets: O&G, Energy, Agribusiness, Biofuels, Mining, Naval, Infrastructure, Petrochemical etc.

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