MyTicketSolution - Linkavel

by Infoservice s.r.l.

The cloud software designed to streamline the work of any passenger transport company!

MyTicketSolution manages long-distance passenger services, local public transportation, and tours. It is a software-as-a-service on the Microsoft Azure cloud and offers a family of fully integrated products. The individual components allow passenger transportation companies to model their business from defining routes to issuing and selling tickets. In addition, real-time analytical reports allow for monitoring of business performance. Below are the products available for each type of user who interacts with the system:
  • In the area reserved for companies, company operators can define their own service (creating routes, travel schedules, and pricing) and sell tickets.
  • Drivers and onboard operators have access to an app for validating and selling travel tickets.
  • Travelers can purchase tickets online from any device on the Linkavel portal.
  • Resellers can sell through a dedicated section for them.
The flexibility of MyTicketSolution's services allows it to meet the operational needs of every company!

To use MyTicketSolution, no initial investment in hardware or software equipment is required. You just need a device (computer, smartphone or tablet) connected to the Internet and the login credentials to access the service.
In a short time, it's possible to set up your own company and start selling your tickets.

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