Kognitwin® Safe Operations

by Kongsberg Digital AS

Digital Twin enabled facility Risk and Safety Management

Kognitwin® Safe Operations leverages the power of a full facility digital twin to ensure your assets are operating safely. Whether you are trying to understand facility risk exposure or planning a maintenance activity that requires isolation you will have the tools you need. Kognitwin® contextualizes your IT and OT data sources in the Industrial Work Surface so you can find the information you need quickly and be sure that it is up to date.

Platform Features

  • One global web-based environment for managing all your organization’s assets
  • Interactive 3D visualizations (Model or Laser Scan)
  • Hot spotted engineering documents (P&ID) enriched with real-time data
  • Consistent mechanics across all visualizations that provide instant access to all IT and OT data
  • Data driven architecture that enables deployment in 30-90 days

Safe Operations App Experiences

  • Risk Management – Provide your users with the cumulative view of risks and threats from a range of data sources that need to be managed to ensure safe and efficient operations.
  • Situational Awareness – A single real-time dashboard that displays the key IT/OT metrics that ensure reliable and safe operations in your facilities. Users can filter, organize, and save their dashboard based on their role.
  • Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPS) – Whether you are planning daily operations or complex turnaround events, SIMOPS will enable your team to understand where activities will occur and the potential impact that they could have on one another.
  • Mechanical Isolation Planning –Mechanical Isolation Planning leverages powerful AI to generate an isolation plan from 3D model and engineering documents. Generated Isolation Plans can be adjusted or enriched with additional instructions and made available to mobile users.
  • Work Packages – Package the essential information needed by maintenance teams to complete a scheduled work activity. Work Packages enables you to bundle work order information, technical documents, and other job specific details into one package that can be sent digitally an opened on any devices. Engineering documents such as P&IDs and schematics can be marked up or annotated with job specific details.


  • Enable decision making based on the real-time state of the facility
  • Downtime avoidance associated with coordination of maintenance and other activities
  • Early detection of bad actors that could impact operations and safety
  • Improve workforce efficiency 50-70% when analyzing an issue and looking for data

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