Smart Inspection – Ib4U by Worker NxT

by LTIMindtree Limited

A robust, cloud-based solution for Asset, Tools, Equipment Inspections & Field Operations Management

Ib4U by Worker NxT is a product offering that digitalize the complete array of inspections ranging from pre-installation inspections, SHE, QA and up to maintenance checklists with all the SOP adherences.

Ib4U helps in not only to created different SOPs for each asset but also allows to create different inspection types for same asset as well.

The blend of deep learning ML algorithms and the AI enabled data visualization facilitates documentation, management, and analysis of the inspection data. These insights from the integrated systems, enable the customer to arrive at meaningful decisions which can support them in multifarious activities including preventive maintenance, adherence to SOPs, ensuring workplace & environmental safety etc.

The various features of the Ib4U solution ensures definitive values to our customers, some of which are listed below:

1) 40% reduction in the human errors involved in inspection

2) 20% increase in SME utilization

3) 30-45% reduction in the manual efforts involved in the inspections

4) 10-15% reduction in the process delays

The customizable asset category-based inspections with the pre-defined frequency of inspections guarantees the asset health thereby attending to one of the core business challenges faced by many industries – the expensive asset maintenance. The solution comes with highly configurable no code solution by creating desired checklists with just drag & drop menus along with definitions of Workflow with custom content notifications.

Ib4U also enables the users to monitor the inspection progress as well as to schedule audits and inspections. The solution additionally can be integrated with the any other systems including IoT enabled equipment’ to automatically ingress the data for statutory reporting. These insights aid our customers to ensure safety & quality of assets as well as their workplaces.

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