HR Applicant portal integrated with Dynamics 365 Operations

by Saina Cloud Consulting Services

HR applicant portal is an web based end-end public job application in integration with Dynamics 365

HR applicant portal is a web based end-end public job application in integration with Dynamics 365 for Operations Human resources module.

  1. Dynamics 365 for Operations Users - Power user roles who has access to D365 FinOps
  2. Application portal Users - Applicants or employees who can access synced data from D365 FinOps

Note: Alternatively, we can avail all roles within the applicant portal itself if users don't need to have this super user in D365 FinOps.

  • Accessing data from D365 FinOps HR module
  • D365 FinOps Master data and transaction data
  • Schedule interviews, Quiz
  • Onboarding
  • Performance Management
  • Learning Management


1. HR Manager

HR manager is the super user who can control following functionalities from the Dynamics 365 for operations application. Optionally they can be using the HR role from portal application as well (depending on needs):

  1. Recruitment process
  2. Onboarding
  3. Offboarding - Exit clearance
  4. Learning management
  5. Performance and goal reviews
  6. HR Audit

Integration with Dynamics 365 for Operations

  1. Job posting (Recruitment project)
  2. Sourcing applicant
  3. Handling job applications
  4. Assigning interviews and handling feedbacks
  5. Sending reference feedback and releasing offer letter
  6. Assigning learning courses
  7. Performance management and goals management

2. Line Manager

Line manager role of users can initiate the job request to HR with the list of skills (i.e.) they are the one who validates the technical details of the profiles with following functionalities:

  1. Requesting for hire
  2. Conducting interviews and providing feedback
  3. Conducting performance and review

Integration with Dynamics 365 for Operations

  1. Providing job request to HR
  2. Accessing interview details and providing feedback
  3. Conducting performance appraisals
  4. Setting up goals and reviewing the goals
  5. Suggesting list of certification and courses to complete

3. Job Applicant

Applicant is the anonymous web-based user who initiates the job application. Upon converted to employee, same user can access Employee self-service functionalities:

  1. Profile creation and job application
  2. Learning courses
  3. Setting up goals and performance
  4. Employee self-service
  5. Can take up Quiz questions

Integration with Dynamics 365 for Operations

  1. Jobs posted in Dynamics 365 for operations are accessible for applicant
  2. Interviews assigned by HR are accessible in portal
  3. Quiz questions assigned by HR from D365 are accessible in portal
  4. Offer letters and other letters released are accessible in portal

4. Background verification team

Background verification team are approved vendors for company, who has access to the applicant's personal document for background verification purpose.

  1. Can view the applicant document
  2. Provide feedback upon verification and access to the applicant documents

Integration with Dynamics 365 for Operations

  1. Gets the list of applicants for back ground verification
  2. Only profiles initiated by HR can be accessed by BGV team members
  3. Result of background verification is passed back to HR

5. Job vendors

Vendors are the external agency who source multiple profiles on their behalf to HR Manager. They have separate login for functionalities:

  1. Create list of applicants
  2. Verifying the status of job application
  3. Uploading applicant document

Integration with Dynamics 365 for Operations

  1. Create as Vendors in D365
  2. Can access list of applicants sourced by the vendor

6. Admin users

Admin users manages the Control panel of the application with following functionalities:

  1. Courses module integration from D365 FinOps

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