DataOS® The Data Product Platform

by The Modern Data Company

The platform to create enterprise-grade data products. Effortlessly Build and Ship Data Products

The Paradigm Changing Data Product Platform

DataOS® empowers data teams to efficiently and collaboratively build, deploy, and manage Data Products. DataOS optimizes the developer experience by abstracting away low-level complexities enabling developers to focus on creating advanced and sophisticated Data Products.

Data Products:

The Data Product, as a foundational element of DataOS, is a container-like unit that combines data with metadata, code, and infrastructure, making it self-contained and independently usable.

  • It is an independently deployable unit that wraps transformation logic, input and output definitions, discovery and observability APIs, service level objectives (SLOs), security and governance, and infrastructure dependencies.
  • It is reusable, composable, portable and cloud-agnostic. And can be used as a building block to build solutions on any data stack.
  • Data Products empower business autonomy by tailoring insights to specific needs, democratizing data expertise, accelerating decision-making, and fostering experimentation and innovation.

Simplify Complexity, Accelerate Insights


· Rapid prototyping to preview your outcomes before moving data to materialize views.
· Ability to find, understand and re-use existing data products to build a larger solution.


· Platform resources and infrastructure provisioning needed to compose the Data Products.
· Federated governance available as a first-class feature.


· Deploy on public, private, hybrid cloud or host it on-premise.
· Data Mesh or Data Fabric compatible.


· Output ports and open APIs enable users to augment and leverage these data products programmatically.

· Comprehensive data product observability including usage, performance and resource utilization.

The DataOS Difference

Native Data Product Development
DataOS enables you to effortlessly build, manage, and share sophisticated data products. With intuitive tools and streamlined workflows, developers can rapidly create and iterate data products, bringing insights to the fingertips of decision-makers.

Streamline Data Stack Complexity
Bid farewell to the complexities of data infrastructure management. DataOS simplifies data pipelines, configuration management, and deployment processes, allowing your teams to focus on driving innovation and delivering results.

Transformative Data Experience
DataOS simplifies data product development and deployment by abstracting complex maintenance and integration tasks, enabling preparation, deployment, and management of data clusters, databases, and secrets in a declarative way and standardizing semantics, metrics, ontology, and taxonomy.


Business Autonomy and Agility: Data Products let business teams access, discover, understand, and analyze data without relying on IT or data engineering teams, empowering them to make autonomous and faster data-driven decisions.

Cloud Agnostic: Seamless support for multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments, enabling you to harness the power of data across various cloud providers and on-premises infrastructure.
Increased Developer Efficiency: Enable developers to independently manage infrastructure, automate deployments, simplify configuration management, reducing the burden on specialized resources.
Modernize Data Culture
Lower Data OpEx
No Disruption to Data Ops

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