BLOX Real Estate CRM

by Yeger Tek DMCC

BLOX Real Estate allows every stakeholder within the brokerage sector to capture & extract insights

A Solution for Every Stakeholder

Blox Property CRM allows every stakeholder within the brokerage sector to capture and extract insights from the customer and agent journey, respectively. The system is developed to factor in key KPIs and touch points that become essential decision-making tools for Directors, Managers, Agents, and even your Marketing team.

Data, Details and Decisions

  • Blox allows your brokerage to capture layers of data on your contacts, properties, leads and deals. Beyond on-boarding leads and adding properties, the system allows you to seamlessly upload data from other sources to ensure data from purchased, or legacy, databases can be seamlessly merged with your existing records.
  • To ensure your agents have the right mix of data fields, you can choose to both hide fields which are not necessary for your business and add custom fields that make your business truly unique.
  • Our rich dashboard experience allows key stakeholders to see a synthesized view of statistics, and make data backed decisions pertaining to agent specific, or company holistic performance.

 Convert Cold Leads into Hot Deals

  • By working with Real Estate Agents who have 15+ years of experience in selling and managing properties both locally and internationally, we have diligently crafted several system modules and features that will enable your agents to convert cold leads into hot deals.
  • To this effect, our lead management engine leverages machine learning and advanced automation to assign leads to agents, while ensuring that no lead is kept waiting for long, via our auto re-assign mechanism.
  • To assist brokers in truly getting the best return on their marketing spend, we have built the first, seamless integration between marketing channels and our CRM. As such, Blox allows you to measure your marketing conversion by directly capturing marketing leads and assigning them to the right agent, removing all manual dependency.

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