Reflexis Real-Time Task Manager

by Zebra Technologies Corporation

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Unleash the Power of your Frontline Workers with Reflexis Real-Time Task Manager

Streamline communication, improve task execution, engage workers, track compliance and deliver insightful analytics and reporting with Zebra's Reflexis Real-Time Task Manager! Task Manager is designed to simplify work, enhance frontline communication and empower productivity for retail, banks, food service and other multi-site businesses. Simplified processes, a newly designed, intuitive mobile-first user interface and built-in intelligence give corporate, field managers and frontline workers the tools needed to deliver a superior customer experience.

Execute in Real Time

Avoid overwhelming on-site managers and associates and streamline operations with a single, mobile view into all day-to-day activities. Real-Time Task Manager offers a comprehensive solution to:

  • Prioritize & assign all corporate-generated, system-generated, and device-generated tasks in real-time with an advanced rules engine
  • Drive consistent, best-practice task management and execution

Improve Line-of-Sight

Give corporate and field managers real-time visibility across all your locations, enabling them to manage by exception. Receive intelligent, exception-based alerts, identify opportunities for improvement, and ensure mission-critical work is completed correctly.

  • Track task completion and compliance rates across your organization
  • Drill down on-demand into details for specific locations or activities

Increase Frontline Worker & Customer Engagement

Deliver prioritized, mobile-first access to all activities, projects, and tasks. Improve the Frontline worker and customer experience by:

  • Enabling on-site associates to work more efficiently and productively
  • Keeping on-site managers and associates in the front-of-house assisting customers
  • Incorporating omnichannel tasks & services with other daily work for a seamless experience

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