by Madstreet Den Technologies Pvt Ltd

Create product photos faster, and with fewer resources using A.I.'s automated on-model imagery platform, VueModel uses A.I. technology to build high-quality on-model fashion photos from basic product shots without the hassle of professional studio photoshoots. The platform enables eCommerce retailers to bring their product catalog to life with model product photos and see better engagement and conversions on their eCommerce site by giving their shoppers more relatable shopping experiences.

Using a class of A.I. machine learning frameworks called Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) to create realistic photos of products on models, VueModel eliminates every complex aspect of a studio photoshoot and delivers high-quality output at one-fourth the cost and five times the speed of traditional photoshoots. The platform's wide range of applications makes it perfectly suitable for today’s eCommerce retail world. 

  • Product in context 

    • The high-quality output generated by VueModel helps shoppers visualize what a product would look like on a person, and allow them to make more informed purchase decisions that are sure to convert.

  • Partner imagery guidelines automation 

    • VueModel offers the easiest and the most practical way to match imagery requirements by different vendors and partners with minimal effort and go-to-market faster.

  • Customer demand testing 

    • Brands can effectively visualize products on models and test them online with their shopper base for informed merchandising decisions and increased conversions.

  • Styling and re-styling

    • Brands are handed over the ability to mix and match products and restyle them based on the photo’s on-site performance with just a few clicks.

Today, several fashion brands across the globe are consistently seeing their website engagement increase by about 40% and conversion by 150% with’s automated on-model imagery solution.

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