Fin365 CRM for Financial Services

by FinPal

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Fin365 is a cloud based business and customer management system for financial services professionals

Fin365 enables financial services professionals to delver a better experience to more customers with greater efficiency.

Fin365 is a suite of business and client management applications for financial planners, mortgage brokers, general insurance brokers and accountants. Leveraging the power of Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM, Power BI and Azure platforms, Fin365 has added all the essential features required by our financial services customer, resulting in a solution that is instantly useful out of the box and easily configured for unique business needs.

Improve the customer experience

  • Web based client on-boarding
  • Interactive client portal
  • Customized client reports
  • Automated client communications

Reduce Business Risk

  • Automated compliance management
  • Secure data environments

Lower business costs

  • Automated business processes
  • Reduction in manual data entry

Measure the results

  • Revenue reporting
  • New business performance
  • Compliance health
  • Team performance

At a glance