Event Management for Dynamics 365

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Event Management for Dynamics 365

Event management consumes a lot of time and resource, therefore it requires diligent planning and precise execution. Having multiple events at hand could make it even harder to manage. Sometimes missing of a tiny detail jeopardizes the whole event. That is why we foresaw the need for a solution which lets you plan with ease and keep track of all event activities.

Event Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a specialized business software solution for professional event organizers or companies with specialized department for event organization. Based on Microsoft Dynamics technology, Event Management solution covers the business process related to planning and execution of events.

The app provides you with the right tools to plan your budget and record payments, view event activities by time slots, as well as the resources and personnel booked for them. This solution helps you streamline your working process and unite all information about an event in a single place, sell your services, keep communication history, manage risks and evaluate event performance. This would serve as the ground for continual improvement of the quality of your future events.

What are the benefits for your business:

  • Saves time for planning and keeping track of activities;
  • Acts as a coordinator between different people in charge;
  • Improves event performance by providing an overall view of the event organization and guides you through the whole process;
  • Facilitates organizer`s work and lets them focus on the customer experience;
  • Preparing post-event evaluations;

Product Details:

We won’t start charging you after the expiration of the trial period, unless you subscribe for the solution. The price starts from €100 per month. For more information, please contact us!

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