Dialog Builder for Dynamics 365

by Magnetism

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Dialog Builder allows you to create fully customisable dialogs and popups in Dynamics 365.

Transform your Dynamics 365 UX by creating customized dialogs.

Dialog Builder for Dynamics 365 allows you to create simple or complex dialogs and user driven processes within Dynamics 365.

With Dialog Builder, you can customize an existing process to capture the right information at the right time from your users. You have full control over the information being captured, as well as the dialog size, buttons, fields, text, and more that matches the look and feel of Dynamics 365 to give users a seamless experience.

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Key Benefits:

  • Create user driven dialog processes
  • Recreate Dynamics 365 functionality like Resolve Case, or Qualify Lead
  • Show stylish confirmation messages to users
  • Capture simple or complex input from users and process their responses
  • Display informative messages to users, including errors and warnings
  • Fully customisable buttons and callback functions
  • Display custom web resources as an inline popup
  • Fully customisable UI allowing you to create unique dialogs to suit your needs

Achieve powerful Dynamics 365 customizations quickly

Create and customize dialogs to better fit your organization workflows and business processes. Create both simple and complex dialogs easily - built for Dynamics 365 admins. Little to no development skills needed.

Minimize custom code maintenance requirements

The hassle of maintaining bespoke customizations for every new version/update of Dynamics 365 is not a problem anymore. The product covers regular updates and support so you’re always up-to-date.

Save money on customisations

Never wait for Dynamics 365 developers again! Bespoke customizations are expensive with long wait times in development, iterations, and maintenance. With Dialog Builder, your developers can work smarter and faster, saving you money.

Recreate and customize existing processes

With Dialog Builder, developers no longer are constrained by the out of the box dialogs in Dynamics 365. Create ones that map directly to what data you need at the right time, easily adding or removing fields for a delightful user experience .

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